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Matteo Scaioli


Born in Ravenna in 1968 falls in love with the drums at age 16 shortly followed by the tabla (Indian percussion). Began as self-taught, up to 21 years when he decided to take a flight to Calcutta and reaches the master Shanco Chatterjee for deepening the study of the tabla. From here starts a long period of study on the tabla, Scaioli leaves the traditional canons of studying tabla, creating a personal style but criticized by many, which leads him to play with Indian musicians of the caliber of Krishna Batt, and Paul Gosh Debiprasad Giaro with whom he also recorded for the label Amiata Records. At Goa club in Rome he played the tabla in dj set with Talvin Singh. In 1996 he began to devote himself to new projects and the study of Japanese drums (taiko) and in October of that year calls for the participation of the roman percussionist Maurizio Rizzuto and propose a project with its review to his tabla students at "Musica in gioco" in Ravenna having a very successful and commendable appreciation by brazilian composer Egberto Gismonti. Born Percussion Voyager, which is how he performs in the best Italian and foreign clubs and in October 2000 to Locate World Music Festival of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Along with Claudio Coccoluto performs in the festival Electro Wawe and MTV live tour. Start here his research on old analog electronics with the usage of old synths. Into electronics finds a way to cross boundaries endless, and new worlds. Things that with only percussions are difficult to get. At this stage began electronic music projects, creating the group Liquid Desire along with Gabriel Bombardini. In summer 2007, offers his first solo live set using only analog machines and received valuable appreciation by Howie Be. Spent a year in the studio to produce his solo work, began experimenting with trying new sounds even with the use of his voice and find the right location for it in the song Slower and Blue came out recently for the Margot Records.