Daniel aka Giaga-robot is fascinated by only one thing, the sound. His, is a research that starts from afar when, since the early 90s, he embarks on his personal journey into the meanders of sound synthesis. He bought the first Korg and Roland analog machines, still today in his setup, and he started experimenting with sounds from deep space, melancholic landscapes, arpeggios that get you to unknown worlds, pads that float in the subconscious. The sound of Giaga-robot is unique and unmistakable, and seasoned in every production with the addition of his voice. The voice is his second great love: he explores the endless ways to modify it through vocoders and plugins, sometimes it is Kraftwerk-ish robotics, sometimes it is dirty and disarticulated, but the result is always very original and recognizable. Deeply influenced since the beginning by the French scene, in his records you can hear on the background echoes from Daft Punk, Justice, Mr. Oizo, Cassius, Laurent Garnier, along with arrangements and rhythmic patterns of clear Italo Disco, Nu-disco and Cosmic Sound matrix. In 2004 his experimentation resulted in the single "Every Monday"; it is an instant hit: played on radio and by the biggest DJs Giaga-robot gets visibility and consensus at a national level and beyond. In 2005 together with Pepe he founded the duo Margot with whom he still produces and performs on an international scale. Giaga-robot returns with big hype in 2018, 11 years after his last solo release, on his own label Margot Records with a bomb now become a hit in pretty all Margot djsets.