Buck Buck Buck



Hailing from Otranto, little town next to the sea in the extreme South of Italy, since his young age has been interested by music in its wider sense, later focusing his research in electronic and club sounds. His passion for music brought him to play and exchange with Northern venues and artists, giving him inspirations and visions to bring back to his Southern motherland afterwards. The legendary Cocoricò club has been his Italian home-base for more than 10 years, following to play at the higher parallels of Berlin's Watergate, Wilde Renate, Tresor, Kater Holzig and Club Der Visionaere, where he developed his unique and intimate blend of underground deep house and techno he features in his DJ sets. Since 2006, his works have been released by labels such as Frozen Border (his track appeared on the label’s compilation alongside with tunes by Blawan, AnD, Skirt, etc), Undercut, Margot Records, Safari Numerique, Alphahouse, his own labels Out-Er, the label he co-runs since its beginning in 2012 where he released 2 EPs (one in solo and one with Inland's remix), and Transition Lab, label and series of parties he manages along with his fellow Limo, where his new collaborative project with Santorini OL-047 found his first home. Artists like Someone Else, Butane, Limo and Santorini have been past, fruitful collaborators, while his tracks got remixed by Inland, Deadbeat, Roberto Clementi, Argenis Brito and Danilo Schneider. His tunes has been played by the likes of Andre Galluzzi, Onur Ozer, Guido Schneider, Raresh (Buck’s remix of Butane’s ‘L’ecole’ has been included in his Green&Blue compilation for Sven Vath’s Cocoon), Pedro, Bill Patrick, Patrck Chardonnet, Dyed Soundorum, Konrad Black, etc. The beginning of 2016 saw the debut of his new, exciting label project ‘Substrato’, platform making him pursue new paths of explorations towards subterranean and submerged worlds.